Questions & Answers

Questions & Answers

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1. What is the difference between the St. Gabriel Campus Building Campaign and our normal Sunday Offertory?

This capital campaign is solely to fund the construction of our new St. Gabriel the Archangel community campus including the permanent worship space, Annunciation Catholic School facilities, an adjoining central courtyard and parking. These funds will not be intermixed with the offertory collection, which provides for the daily and ongoing operating costs of the parish. 

2. How was the parish Campus Building Campaign goal determined?

A St. Gabriel’s task force has been working closely with our selected architect and construction firms to negotiate reasonable and fair costs. The goal was set to cover all expenses of the completed project. 

3. Are construction funds being split between the church and the school?

As a combined community campus, there is no division of construction funds. The completed project will deliver both a permanent church and school facilities to meet the growing needs of all our parishioners. 

4. Will my donation to the Campus Building Campaign be used for anything other than building project components?

No, 100% of all funds collected for the Campus Building Campaign will be used to fund construction costs and campus improvements. The new buildings will provide St. Gabriel parishioners with safe, effective permanent facilities for many years. 

5. Where do I send my payments?

In order to not overburden the St. Gabriel office staff, the Diocese of Phoenix has generously offered to collect payments on behalf of our parish. All payments should be mailed to:

Diocese of Phoenix – Together Campaign

c/o St. Gabriel Campus Building Campaign

400 E. Monroe Street

Phoenix, AZ 85004-2336

6. Does the Diocese keep any portion of my donation?

No, the Diocese is sending 100% of the funds collected for our campaign directly to our parish. 

7. Are additional donations still needed for the campus building project?

While we have met our project funding goal, additional funds over our pledged amounts would be a blessing. We anticipate all pledges being made, however extenuating circumstances may arise over the 5-year pledge period and in the event some are not able to make their payments, additional funds help to close that gap. Also any other funds help to “decorate” the sanctuary for a worthy worship space. 

8. When will the construction process begin?

The process has been underway for quite some time with architectural plans being fine tuned, working with the city municipalities, the Diocese of Phoenix, Dove Valley HOA, etc. Visual signs of construction will begin once we have the necessary zoning and variance permits. We hope for this to begin summer of 2019.

9. During construction, where will we celebrate Mass? 

Our normal Mass celebrations will continue to be held in the current worship space until construction is completed. When the new worship space is ready for occupancy, we will have a transition plan and “Grand Opening” celebration.